Rules and basic info

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Rules and basic info

Post  Meh ^^ on Sun May 04, 2008 3:17 pm


The tourny will be played May, saturday 11 at 20 GMT (check the GMT announcement for more details)

Inscriptions will be accepted until that same day at 18 GMT

Will be a triple 2v2 tournament, using characters with lvls 1-10, 11-15 and lvl 20, elite skills only allowed in lvl 20 chars

The roosters will be announced according to the number of inscribed teams

The winners of the 1-10, 11-15 and 20 divisions will recive a simbolic price (still deciding what, probly 1 ecto for each first place player, zkey for 2nd and flame of balthazar for 3rd)

The admision this time will be free ( next versions will probly have 1k gold inscription fee, the first place team wins 50%, 2nd 35%, 3d 15% of the total of inscriptions )

In case of a tie, if 4 players agree, they will have the chance to readjust their builds and fight again

Character change will be allowed only in the lvl 20 division (builds can change according to every game tho)

since this is the first time we do this, advices are welcome and some rules may be added, deleted or change

So have fun, and get ready ^^

Meh ^^

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